Ultimate Maca c4 Cream 250ml




Ultimate Maca c4 Cream 250ml

Ultimate Maca c4 Cream is an all natural, newly improved, extra strength hips/butt enhancement cream formulated to enlarge, firm and lift your hips and buttocks. Contains not just maca, but other powerful natural butts enhancement ingredients like Aguaje, Fenugreek, Black Maca, Dong quai extract Tribulus.
Not to forget, it has Cyproheptadine Hydrochloride 4mg (c4) as active ingredient helps stimulates and expands your muscles and transport fat to your hips, bums and breasts, it also helps you gain weight and gives you curves.

New Ultimate Maca c4 Cream will deliver:
•Enhances butts and hips
•Balance feminine hormones
•Creates ultimate curvy shapes
•Increase butts and hips muscle growths
•Firms and lifts hips and butts size
•Tones hips and butts fast
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